Genesis Chapter 44 Differences between Joseph and Christ

            In previous chapters we have outlined many parallels between the life and events of Joseph and Christ.  In this chapter, as with all types of Christ, we notice that types of Christ are not perfect and we look at some of the imperfections of Joseph:

                        1.  Joseph set a trap to bring a false accusation against Benjamin, because he wanted Benjamin to be with him in Egypt.  Now this was contrary to the will and purpose of God as God would have all the descendants of Jacob to come to Egypt where his descendants would stay for 400 years.  Sometimes men try to thwart the will of God only to find that God in his providence has overruled their efforts.  In this instance God overruled through his foreknowledge and providence.  God had previously put in the heart of Judah to make a covenant of surety-ship with Jacob which served to spoil the design of Joseph.  Through the foreknowledge of God, he knew what Joseph would design to do and through his providence God put in the heart of Judah to be surety for Benjamin. 

                        2.  Joseph used a silver cup to “divine.”  The Hebrew meaning of the word translated divine or divineth in this chapter is otherwise translated throughout the Old Testament as “enchantments.”  The scripture plainly tells us that we are not to use enchantments: Deu. 18:10 “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch…”  Later, the magicians of Egypt would use “enchantments” in an effort to emulate the miracles that God performed at the hands of Moses. 

                        3.  Joseph falsely accused his brethren of “rewarding evil for good.”  While in some matters that were true, but in this which Joseph accused them at that time, it was not true. 

            Christ is perfect in every detail.  Joseph as a type of Christ was not perfect as he has the flesh nature inherited from Adam and we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. 

Genesis Chapter 44 Judah pleads surety-ship to Joseph

            Joseph had accused Benjamin of stealing his silver cup and pronounced that he would be Joseph’s servant.  Moreover, even though all the brothers said they would be his servant, Joseph denied their pleas and told them to go home.  At this point, Judah approached Joseph and carefully told him of the covenant agreement of surety-ship that Judah had with Jacob, whereby Judah agreed to be surety for Benjamin.  Judah also told how that if Benjamin did not return to his father, Jacob, that Jacob would die of sorrow for his son, Benjamin.  This convinced Joseph that he would have to reveal himself to his brethren and to drop his scheme to keep Benjamin as a servant and sent his other brothers back to their families in Canaan.  It was the providence of God in putting it in the heart of Judah to be surety for Benjamin that ultimately convinced Joseph to follow through on God’s revelation to Abraham that the seed of Abraham would go down into Egypt and dwell there for 400 years.