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9 AM to Noon

Adam and Christ – Contrast and Compare

Adam ‑ Federal Head of All Mankind

A Giant Prophecy

A Jewish 12 Step Program - The Ancient Wedding

Animals in Scripture  Associations

Anxious Thoughts  Part 2  Trusting Beyond Ourselves

Are Musical Instruments Authorized for New Testament Worship?

Benefits of the Word

Bible Rules For Bible Study

The Blessings of Shipwreck - Gleanings from Acts 27

Blinded by the Light

The Bridegroom Grooms the Bride

The Bridegroom's Joy

By Grace Ye Are Saved

Cain Knew Better

Can Two Walk Together, Except They be Agreed?

The Church Family

Christian Code Words

Completeness of the Scriptures

The Dangers of Singing Schools

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Deacons - Freeing of the Ministry

Deacons - Promoters of Church Harmony

Deacons - The Original Pattern

Deacons - Men Full of Faith

Deacons - The Qualities of  Wives

Deacons -The Process of Selection

Deacons - Their Wages

Deacons - Waiting on Tables

Deacons - The Administration Deacons - The Ordination
How Many Do We Need and For How Long?
A Pastor/Elder and Deacon - Qualities of 1st Tim - Ruling his own house well

A Pastor/Elder and Deacon - Qualities of 1st Timothy Three

Denial of Soul Sleep




Depravity's Bondage

Depravity Death Nature

Depravity Incapability of Understanding


The Differences with Calvinism  (We would also strongly recommend this corresponding article:   Ten Reasons Primitive Baptists are not Calvinists)


The Entire Story -- Thoughts on Ezekiel 16


Evidences of the New Birth


The Eternal God


a Matter of Faith?

Evolution, False Assumptions?  Part 2 

Evolution Part 3 - Conclusion

The Conflict Between the Bible and Evolution- Ancient Languages

Exodus, Take Two


False Teachers


Frequently Asked Questions About Old Line Primitive Baptists


Foreknowledge of God


Four - An Exposition Series by Elder Vernon Johnson

The Four Beasts

Four Chariots in Zechariah

Four Faces of the Four Wheels

Four Faces of the Four Living Creatures

The Four Horses in Revelation

The Four Living Creatures

Four - Spirit

Four Square

Four Wheels in Ezekiel

River Parted into Four Heads


Fruit of the Spirit – Living and Growing in the Nine Biblical Attributes    Part 2


of God


The Godhead and the Number Three (3)

The God That Is

Imprisoned Spirits

In and Out of the Lamb's Book of Life

Identifying Jesus

by the Scripture



Jesus’ Promise of the Holy Ghost  

Part I     Part II     Part III    Part IV     Part V


Having, Living and Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit

Holding up the Arms - a Deacon's Charge

The Holiness of God

The Justice of God

Justified by Works

Lawyers – Then and Now

Led of the Spirit

Left Thy First Love

Living In A Difficult Marriage  LEAH

The Life of Leah: Living With a Man Who Shows No Love

Lessons from Cornelius

Manifold Wisdom of God

Naked in the World

Men as Trees

The New Birth and Repentance

The New Birth Part I     Part II    Part III

The New Birth Love in the Heart

The New Birth Voice of the Lord

Only One Way to Be Born Again

Personal Trespasses

The Power of God – His Omnipotence

Principles of Giving

Profitability and Benefits of the Scriptures

Omnipresence of the Lord

Omniscience of God

The Question of Liberalism

Rachel and Leah, Part II

Reaping What We Sow

Rebellion and Stubbornness

Redeeming The Time Elder Cecil Johnson

Redeeming the Time

Relationship Between Belief and New Birth

Salt in Scripture - An Everlasting Covenant

The Seed of Christ - A Look at the New Birth

Secret Things

Seven Things God Cannot Do

Scriptures are a testimony of Jesus

Speaking in Tongues

Spiritual Death

Teaching in the Church

Tempting Christ

The Thousand Year Reign of Christ

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The Tithe; the Letter or the Spirit?

To whom are the scriptures written?

Tribute to Elder Obey Ndalima

Twelve times three equals a change in Worship

Two Covenants 

Two Salvations

Various Aspects of the Kingdom of God
Was Job Written Before the Flood?

Why do Primitive Baptists not use man made Musical Instruments?


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